Creative Tips to Keep You Inspired in Your Happy Space

Creative Tips to Keep You Inspired in Your Happy Space

When it comes to creativity, we all face challenges staying inspired. Maybe the blah blah monotony of our day-to-day work has got us feeling down in the dumps, stuck, or maybe our creative juices just aren't flowing the way they used to. Whatever the case may be, it's important to have some tips up your sleeve to help you stay inspired in your happy space. In this blog series, I will give you creative tips to help keep you inspired and motivated in your art studio, kitchen, office - wherever your happy space may be! Today's topic: how to build a gallery wall.


What is a gallery wall?
A gallery wall is a collection of art, photos, or other items displayed together on a wall. The key to a great gallery wall is finding the right balance of symmetry and asymmetry. Gallery walls are a great way to add some personality to your space and show off your favorite pieces. They can be visually motivating and goal-orientated too, so not just for aesthetics purposes! A good rule of thumb is to keep the gallery wall balanced with colour, and a touch of symmetry! I also like to mix up different frame sizes, colours and frame depths to add interest and texture.

Why is having a gallery wall helpful when I'm in a creative funk?
Having a place that provides you with the inspiration, the dream/vision board travel destinations, life mantras & life quotes etc are worth it's weight in gold when you are feeling creatively stuck. When you can see what your goal is, and how others have achieved a similar aesthetic, it jump-starts the motivation to get there. I always keep a running list of creative projects I want to do in my gallery wall area, so when I am feeling creatively stuck I can look to my wall for inspiration.

Tips for hanging a symmetrical gallery wall:
There are a few things you'll need to take into consideration when planning your gallery wall. First, decide on the overall shape of the wall. You can go for a traditional rectangular shape, or get more creative with an organic, free-form shape (my favourite!).

Once you've decided on the shape, you'll need to decide on the placement of your artwork. I like to lay everything out on the floor first to get an idea of balance and symmetry.

Next, decide on the layout of your gallery wall. There are a few different suggestions to try this:

  1. You can start in the middle then work your way out. To do this, find the centre point of your wall and start hanging your artwork, from that point. Work your way outwards, making sure to keep everything symmetrical. (Alternatively use tape or pencil markings for where your pieces will go if you're not ready just yet!)
  2. Another option is to work from the top down. Start by finding the centre point of the top of your wall and hanging your artwork from there. Then, work your way down the wall, keeping everything symmetrical.
  3. Lastly, you could start from the bottom up. Find the centre point of the bottom of your wall and start hanging your artwork from there. Work your way up the wall, making sure to keep everything symmetrical.

Once you've decided on a layout, it's time to start hanging your artwork! I also recommend getting a spirit level to make sure your frames don’t end up hung all wonky like!

I hope you found these tips helpful and got you motivated! Stay tuned for more creative tips to help make your happy space a more creative place. In the meantime, be sure to check out my collection of colourful prints to get started on your own gallery wall project! 

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