I’m Cheryl. I’m the brains behind this little operation. I’m a 30-something doodler from the sunny Cheshire plains. Here are 3 facts about me that you may or may not want to know (eh, you’re finding them out regardless, soz.)

1. I love COFFEE. Hot coffee, cold coffee, strong or weak, just pump it in me straight.

2. My dream meal is literally just a big plate of nachos. Mmm guacamole.

3. I love badgers. Oh, but you knew that one, right!?

I am the Happy Badger, I love to doodle and my love of doodling has slowly become a business, selling happy wall art and stationery to folks from all over the globe! 

My aim is to spread joy and positivity through my doodles, whether that’s from a cute motivational print or a funny film quote that you and yer bestie share an in joke about!